Wes Martin, CCIM

Principal/Vice President


The secret to his success? Knowing what to keep secret.  Wes knows how to be careful and respectful with his information, but he also knows the value of providing clients with rock-solid analysis and up-to-the-minute market intel. He builds relationships through consistent follow-through, integrity and old-fashioned hard work. He has a unique ability to tackle difficult challenges and persist until a solution is crafted and the job is finished. He’s a bulldog. Wes does more than earn his clients’ trust. He keeps it.

Since joining Hathaway Group in 2012, Wes has completed tens of millions of dollars in sales and leases, including many of our largest. Behind those big numbers you’ll find the steady commitment that makes him such an important asset for our clients.

Fortunately, Wes also knows how to relax. He likes to spend time with his wife Stacey, their daughter Kennedy, and their friends. Traveling and playing golf are also high on the list.

“Every person I work with here has integrity and energy, which makes it easy to come to work every day.”