In commercial real estate, work needs to be done right – right now. That’s where Stacey comes in. She is responsible for all transaction management and overall company operations, while also working on sales teams and as a leasing agent for select properties. Procrastination? Not on her watch.

Stacey joined our team in 1990. Starting at the front desk, she rapidly learned all aspects of the business, earning a reputation for distilling large, multi-layered tasks into their most critical components. Stacey knows all the key players in town – vendors, lenders, and advisors - and coordinates transactions with both ease and expertise.  At the office, she was long ago crowned the “Queen of Fun.”

In her free time Stacey enjoys creative pursuits. She loves to paint and take art classes, sing (even performing as a top finalist at Walt Disney World Resort!) and tackle renovations on the old farmhouse she shares with her husband.

“It is important to me to be helping people, making a difference in their lives by making their work easier.”