John Hathaway

Principal/Senior Vice President

John wants to be your “space man.” He’s been putting folks into all kinds of spaces for close to 30 years, a track record based on his ability to forge solid, meaningful relationships. If you aren’t his friend already, you will be soon. Add to that a solutions-oriented mindset coupled with property knowledge built over decades, and your deal is practically done.

Clients especially appreciate John’s ability to understand their unique needs. After all, John has been a tenant, a landlord, a buyer and a seller – and he has valuable insight into effectively achieving goals from those unique perspectives.

When it comes to kicking back, John is up for just about ANYthing outdoors! Golfing, hiking, running, fishing, hunting ducks, turkeys and dove. If he isn’t doing it, he’s probably planning it.

“We have an unwavering insistence upon doing the right thing.”