Well, he’s our founder, our Grand Poobah, and often referred to in our halls and conference room as The Big Kahuna. He was there with the “two desks and a card table” when we were founded in 1976 in downtown Little Rock. Since then, he’s performed many of the most skillful, resourceful, difficult, and amazing commercial real estate transactions in Arkansas. No longer working full-time, his influence and stamp of excellence and integrity are felt here every day. 

On top of that, he still handles some key situations and is known to crank out a deal every so often – it’s what he loves!

His ability to “read the room” and communicate persuasively is legendary, and each one of us has learned by watching him quarterback a difficult deal – listening, understanding, negotiating – always putting the client’s objective first.

He’s old school on the phone — with loud laughs, long stories and a few choice words thrown in — but he still leans toward learning and he has a heart for helping, for which we are grateful.

“Everybody has to be somewhere.” — stated to Jeff Hathaway in 1983, to explain the essence of real estate brokerage and the reason it will always be needed.